Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The 2nd quarter of 2010

Chiropractic Monthly-April 2010

Wow… The 2nd quarter of 2010 is upon us and it seems like once again, time is just flying by. It’s been an exciting
year at 3-D Chiro – we’ve welcomed Melissa to our staff (a great addition I must say), we are moving to the new “techno-century” with our own Yelp and Facebook sites, and of course our monthly newsletter.

It seems so long ago when I started the simple idea of 3-DCT. And now, after countless patients we are moving forward stronger than ever and, providing better care for acute and chronic conditions like difficulty getting pregnant, Fibromyalgia, Hiatal Hernia, Acid Reflux and manyother complications.

The complexities of the human body never cease to amaze me – even after 28 years of practice. It’s truly remarkable how our body has the ability to store negative tension from our YOUTH that leads to the build-up of waste products in our body, which lead to many of our daily discomforts.

The purpose for developing 3-DCT has always been to analyze all the tension patterns that have developed over time, including injuries from sports, falls, accidents, and etc. with particular attention to the front of the body like the abdomen, front of the hips, facial and jaw and shoulder tensions.

3-DCT is also developed to treat the patients without the usual “twisting," “popping” or “cracking” which are the common traumatic chiropractic methods used by so many others. 

It’s truly amazing how our body has the capacity to heal itself with the use of 3-DCT muscle manipulations in as little as 4-6 weeks, or 10-14 sessions.

The personal and professional joy that we experience from patients who are relieved of severe and chronic pains in their back, neck, shoulders, and other ailments are the greatest part of our day.

With the upcoming issues of “Chiropractic Monthly”, we will share patient stories, techniques, and holistic tips for better mental and physical health for all readers.

In the meantime, we like to ask all of our patients to join our 3D Chiro Facebook page and spread the word about 3-DCT with reviews on Yelp.

We wish you a happy and healthy spring.