Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The SUPRISING truth about Acne, Chronic Pain and your Chiropractor?

Chiropractic Monthly - March/April 2011

Here is another installment of our newsletter. Although this may not apply to you please feel free to pass it on after you have read this informative article.

Who'd a thunk it? Why would a person go to a chiropractor for an acne problem? "It just doesn't make sense." It is a "medical" problem. It is a "dermatological" problem. It "runs in the family". It is "chronic and I was told I'm just going to have to live with it."

These are common things patients have said to me when I mention that I may be able to help their acne problems. Trust me, I have yet to have a patient come to me for acne, but during the course of my examination, I evaluate the skin of the face, shoulders, back and arms. Why? Remember the precept of 3-D Chiropractic "traumatic events of youth," whether physical or emotional can lead to tensing of various muscles which can become chronic.

Chronic tension in the muscles leads to a perturbation (a slight decrease) of circulation in the muscle itself and the surrounding tissues. When I say circulation I am speaking of blood flow, nerve flow, energy flow and most importantly for acne sufferers, lymph flow. Your acne could be caused by a backup of lymph flow known as lymph edema (swollen glands). This is due to chronic muscles tension of the neck and jaw interfering with the proper drainage of lymph channels. Lymph channels in the body drain away waste products that are between the cells that form as a natural process of cell activity.

As you can see from the accompanying illustration lymph channels (Right) are the forgotten circulation that drains all systems of waste products and is easily slowed or blocked by chronically over-tense muscles. Therefore acne could not only be on the face but on the back as well.

When I see changes in the skin, such as acne, immediately I am thinking which flow has been disturbed causing these symptoms. If the waste products are not being drained away from tissues build up continues until a swelling forms under the skin. Most of us know this as a pimple or simple acne. In mild cases better skin care, creams, avoiding sweets or oily foods, may be able to reduce the symptoms. But, in severe or chronic cases, this will not solve the problem.

In the our last newsletter we wrote about temperomandibular joint pain or jaw pain and how various injuries to the jaw in the past can lead to jaw pain in the present. These same injuries are often the cause of jaw tension that interferes with the lymph drainage from facial skin causing acne or in severe cases, cystic acne.

A thorough history will often reveal some trauma to the jaw in the past that was never properly treated. Acne often doesn't show up until later and the connection to the trauma is almost never made.

Once the diagnosis is made, treatment is directed to the muscles of the jaw and home exercises are given to teach the patient how to treat their own muscles at home using Pressure-Plus-Motion (PPM) methods and jaw relaxation techniques.

We have many testimonials of our success with acne reduction but I wanted you to read one in particular below that should give hope to many of your friends or family members that have these problems.

Call us if you or a friend have tried everything else and it seems like you're "just going to have to live with it," we just might be able to help.

Remember at 3-D Chiropractic, we love a challenge! Please call us or send this newsletter to a friend that you feel might be helped. We would love to hear from you.


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"I'm so thankful for what Dr. Nunez has done for me. His method/technique has tremendously helped me overcome over 13 years of persistent painful cystic acne breakouts on my face. At times, my acne was so bad that simply speaking was unbearably painful! My jaw-line and cheekbones used to be covered with overlapping cystic acne, which would throb relentlessly. Upon seeking Dr. Nunez's help, I learned that an old injury to my jaw, at age 14, had caused tension in the jaw-line resulting in the lack of blood flow in the area, hence causing the cystic breakouts which started about a year after the incident had occurred.

Throughout those years I took numerous medications and antibiotics prescribed by different doctors, tried every product advertised, tried out facials of different sorts, and just about every home remedy I heard of. Some things helped a little for a short period of time, some aggravated the acne more, while the others had no affect at all. I honestly tried everything short of Accutane which was an option I wasn't willing to resort to, due to all the controversial side effects involved.

Since Dr. Nunez's treatments, my acne has cleared, only leaving behind the scarred memory of the cystic monsters that had taken over my face, and my life. He has also helped eliminate the frequent tension headaches I endured during those years, along with the clicking and locking of my jaw, of which I was told only surgery, could cure. I've learned that every other treatment out there helps with the symptoms (the acne) stemming from the root of the problem. You cannot treat this disease without treating the source, or the reason why you're breaking out in the first place.

Thank you Dr. Nunez! God Bless you and your gift."

-Delightfully, Acne Free

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