Monday, February 25, 2013

What messages May Come Your Way?

Chiropractic Monthly - February 2013

What a year we had last year and what a year lies ahead! 2012 was our best year ever and we couldn't have done it without you and your referrals. The work we are doing at 3D Chiropractic is more powerful than ever. While we know that every new patient is a big responsibility, we get it. We are committed to always doing our best to get you feeling better. Our commitment in the beginning to fix the problem pays off in the long run. As we like to say, we get the chiropractor "Off Your Back!"

We have some exciting events to share with you in the coming months. The biggest event of the year is our 30TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION! Yes, on August 3rd 2013, 3D Chiropractic will celebrate 30 years in practice! We are going to have a Big Bash with lots of food and prizes so watch out for more details in our next newsletter.

Reservations for the limited seating Pressure-Plus-Motion class are now available. Call Melissa today to sign-up. This class is for you if you want to feel more empowered to manage your pain yourself. So get the chiropractor "Off Your Back!" and save money. Call to enroll today!

We have a great line-up of articles coming your way in 2013. We love it when you share them with your friends. Here is a teaser list of coming articles:

High Heels-What is the Cost?
We will show you how prolonged use of high heels can cause not only foot problems, but knee and back problems as well. Also, how high is too high?...and not the cost of the shoe!

Dr. Nunez has a new massage tool to battle deep muscular issues. It's called the Vibracussor which has revolutionized our practice.

In April of 2012 we introduced the Vibracussor and have received rave reviews from our patients! It loosens up nearly 80% of your tense muscles, then the final 20% of the treatment is addressed manually. It is considerably less painful for you and me. If you haven't been in for a treatment lately, you must come in and try the new and improved Dr. Nunez!

Many people are familiar with Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) which we have successfully treated for some time. Now there is another condition called Non-Erosive Reflux Disease (NERD) which is reflux of stomach acids into the esophagus that don't cause damage to the esophagus. Medical professionals don't know what causes it and agree it's difficult to treat. However, the treatments that 3D Chiropractic does on the stomach and intestines often help these conditions!

This article will discuss the how and why 3D Chiropractic can treat many digestive problems, in the stomach the small and large intestines as well! Also, how to reduce blood pressure, gas and bloating, and improve circulation to the legs and feet by working through the stomach area!

Vertigo is a terrible problem for many people and very difficult to treat with traditional medication. With 3D Chiropractic and our unique Pressure-Plus-Motion techniques we can control many of the symptoms and restore health and balance to your body.

Many people are taking medications to mask or reduce chronic pain. Covering up pain is never going to cure the problem; it simply allows one to Tolerate the pain. 3D Chiropractic's 30 years of experience along with a comprehensive consultation and examination enables us to get to the bottom of the problem and Eliminate it.

Just because a muscle is not painful doesn't mean it is healthy. The problem is Zombie muscles are too weak or too tight to function properly! When is a hard muscle healthy and when is it not?

So, fasten your seat-belt and get ready for an exciting ride thru 2013 with 3D Chiropractic as your guide to a healthier you.

Keep on going for the best in all you do.

Love you all,

Dr. Nunez

Associates Corner

Everyone Loves Puppies ...and Everyone Loves Dr. Subia

he's available to treat you.

Just like any new business I'm trying to build my practice and patient base here at 3D Chiro.

I would appreciate your referrals. Won't you consider sending a friend to see me? Just tell them to ask for Dr. Subia, Thanks.

I am always available for emergency appointments.
Live life to the fullest with healthy posture,

Dr. Subia
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