Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What a great year!

Chiropractic Monthly - December 2010

What a great year we've had and a pleasure to serve you as your health maximization coach. Over the last few months we have talked in our newsletters about the 3-D Chiropractic technique.

We discussed how it can help people with Hiatal Hernia Syndrome and many other digestive complaints. We talked about how 3-D Chiro has helped people who have infertility issues and the 43 amazing successes we had with them. We talked about those individuals who suffer from chronic tail bone pain and how these patients can be helped.

We are so excited for the New Year. There are many wonderful articles planned that will continue the discussion on topics of concern. Next year's newsletters will have a quarterly flow to them. This means the articles will build on one another from month to month. We can't wait to share this helpful information about how 3-D Chiro can help you or someone you know.

Many of you are new to chiropractic having been referred to us from our Yelp page. The reviews of our patients on sites like Yelp and Google has been a huge boost to our patient referrals. Thank you for the kind words you all have written on our behalf. The "review site" patients we get are wonderful patients. They all tell us that they come to 3-D Chiro because of your reviews. These sites and reviews are a bridge because you simply tell the online community what you would have said in person:

That the care you get with 3-D Chiro is unique, effective and results are fast. There is no twisting, popping or cracking and you know that I am always working to try to "Keep the Chiropractor Off Your Back!"

We would like to take a special moment to thank my Chiropractic Assistant, Melissa, who has been with us for a year. Her warm welcoming personality and her efficient management of the front office has been a great addition to our staff. Melissa takes great pride in how she cares for your appointments, statements, and she keeps things moving smoothly in our busy office. Now you have two reasons to come back and visit our office; one, for the treatments and then for Melissa's smile.

We know that this has been a tough couple of years for everybody and we've tried to help by providing the best quality care possible each and every time you come to our office. Your time is your time and it is valuable, that's why we never double book appointments.

We have added value to your visits by periodically giving you complimentary five minute mini treatments to help keep you progressing between regular visits. The only way we are all going to make it through these tough times is if we help each other.

I wanted to finish this newsletter by talking about the "W" word: Weight. We will cover this important topic in more detail in future issues of the "Dr's. Notebook".

We wish you a bountiful holiday season and all the best in the New Year.

Stay strong, stay healthy,

Dr. Al

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Associates Corner - Dr. Subia

What a wonderful year I've had here at 3D Chiro. I have learned a great deal from Dr. Nuñez on the specific techniques he employs.

I am so excited about the coming year and watching my practice grow right along with 3-D Chiro and Dr. Nuñez. I am so grateful to him for taking my training to a whole new level.

Just like any new business, I'm trying to build my practice and patient base here at 3D Chiro. I would appreciate your referrals. Won't you consider sending a friend to see me? Just tell them to ask for Dr. Subia, Thanks.

I am always available for emergency appointments.

Live life to the fullest with healthy posture,

Please enjoy this wonderful holiday season,

Dr. Subia

The truth behind BMI

I'd like to share a few professional observations with you about a misleading and often overused term. It's called, BMI (Body Mass Index). First, this is not an index of your health, rather a number based solely on a calculation of your height and weight. The BMI does not consider important factors such as, age, gender, or body type.

Oprah magazine recently had a nice article "Weight Loss: How Women Do the Math" on this very subject. It described how a person could have a "normal" BMI yet have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and not even be able to go up one flight of stairs without getting winded. The article wrote of a person who is a fitness instructor, has low blood pressure and a BMI of 27. This is considered a "high" BMI.

A fitness instructor is obviously in better condition than her BMI shown, but many physicians would label her unhealthy based solely on the raw BMI number. Remember there are three basic body types: Ectomorphic a thin build, Mesomorphic a medium build, and Endomorphic representing a more rounded /full figured body type. Your body type is primarily a result of your particular genetics.

Once we here at 3-D Chiro get you out of pain, our next job is to help you achieve and maintain your maximum health regardless of your body type. We have the equipment to monitor your weight, body fat percentage and can help recommend, advise and guide you in your exercise programs. Our goal is to be sure and keep you moving towards your goals without re-injuring yourself.

Calling all "Weekend Athletes"

If you ache after a Sunday Softball game and need relief, you need Ortho-Nesic. It was made for you!

Get yourself a tube before your next sports weekend!








Thursday, November 4, 2010

What a pain in the #$%*!

Chiropractic Monthly--October 2010

Hello and here is your October installment of the Dr.’s Notebook. Take a moment to read our thoughts, then pass it along to a friend.

As often discussed, frightening or traumatic events in youth lead to emotional tension which turns into physical tension and, over time, can lead to distortion of the body. This is especially true with a condition known as Coccydynia (coc·cy·dyn·ia).

Often one will see a sway-back shape to the lower lumbar spine which in turn causes the sacrum, or tail bone, to protrude out towards the back. The sacrum, from which the coccyx extends, is in a very vulnerable position but unto itself may not cause any pain.

However, you may have a history of routine injury or trauma via gymnastics, dance routines, football, basketball or other athletics that involved splits, very high kicks or a sharp fall contacting with a hard surface. Similarly a child who participates in activities that involve a lot of this type of stress to the low back may be setting themselves up for bigger problems in the future.

Consider the folks back East navigating icy sidewalks. All too often a patient may have slipped and fallen on their buttocks. This type of fall is very common not only resulting in severe pain at the time, but pain that will persist and most likely become chronic if left untreated.

Posture and seating are also contributors. Unfortunately for most of us, our jobs require us to sit for most of the day so what are we going to do?
The problem is that many of the hip muscles that are crucial for stability have their origins at the coccyx or right adjacent to the coccyx. These connective muscles, once injured, become inflamed and hardened. Unfortunately there may not be a conscious awareness of the impending condition.

The clinical term for this condition is Coccydynia (coc·cy·dyn·ia) a pain in the tailbone, located at the very tip of the coccyx. Coccydynia has as its cause a multiplicity of factors that precede it and a precipitating factor, which is usually a trauma that brings out the symptoms. People with Coccydynia have symptoms that include pain in the tailbone that worsens while sitting, particularly on a hard surface. It can become so painful and distracting that relief is sought with medication, anti-inflammatories, cortisone shots, also inflatable pillows and the like. Unfortunately these remedies are only masking the symptoms and the pain continues to return.

Fortunately, there is hope. The 3-D Chiropractic Treatment Center provides excellent results for this very difficult and painful condition. Dr. Nuñez has successfully treated numerous cases. He treats each case individually, asking questions about your activities maybe as far back as childhood in an effort to discover the root cause and locate the specific muscles involved in the mis-alignments. Based on these findings Dr. Nuñez adjusts the impacted muscles to help heal and restore blood flow and motion to the injured joints and ultimately relieve the pain associated with Coccydynia.

NOTE: X-ray examination is of diagnostic value only in cases of suspected fracture or dislocation. MRI is the investigation of choice, when necessary.

As is his nature, Dr. Nunez is aware of the sensitive nature and location of the affected area. Prior to treatment Dr. Nuñez explains exactly what the treatment will be in an effort to help you feel comfortable.

Even though we see excellent results with patients who have experienced long-term pain it is best to seek treatment as soon as possible following any traumatic injury to the posterior. This is especially true for our younger patients (children). The longer a problem exists the greater the chance the treatment will take
longer to show results.

Remember, until you or your friends have tried the 3-D Chiropractic method for the pain in your #$%*, you really haven’t tried everything!

Have a great life filled with liveliness.

Dr. N

Associates Corner Dr. Subia

I am a recent graduate from Cleveland Chiropractic College and have just completed additional training with 3D Chiro on the specific techniques Dr. Nuñez employs.

I thought I knew a lot about chiropractic when I left college but the training I have received from Dr. Nuñez has taken that training to a whole new level.

Just like any new business I’m trying to build my practice and patient base here at 3D Chiro. I would appreciate your referrals. Won’t you consider sending a friend to see me? Just tell them to ask for Dr. Subia, Thanks.

I am always available for emergency appointments.
Live life to the fullest with healthy posture,

Dr. Subia
Muscle Focused Treatment

World Spine Day 2010 - October 16

We encourage you to Just Start Walking for improved spinal, bone and joint health. In America, with 66% of the adult population overweight or obese, it is imperative to increase our activity levels. Benefits of regular brisk walking include improved spinal, bone and joint health and increased mental clarity.

During National Action Week, October 12th thru October 20th we encourages people to take action. Just Start Walking focuses on excellent upright posture and slightly increased arm-swing and stride for enhanced biomechanical integration.

As never before people in America need to become more active for physical and mental well-being. It's that simple. Just Start Walking!

Just Start Walking the program is cost-free. For more information and tools to begin your walking program, visit

Here are more easy exercises. Try some see how you feel.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Don’t Swallow Your Pain!

Chiropractic Monthly--September 2010

Here is your September installment of the Dr.’s Notebook. Take a moment to read our thoughts, then pass it along to a friend.

Do you suffer from any of the following; acid reflux, heart burn, GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), shortness of breath, indigestion bloating?

Could chronic tension in my shoulders be telling me I have hidden stomach pain?

Would you like to get complete relief or significant relief?

Then your next question should be, “how can my chiropractor help?” That’s a good question let’s look at how 3D Chiro’s unique treatment plan combines 3-D Chiropractic™ (3-DCT) ™ treatment to the spine.

3-DCTTM treatment is based on the relationship between some traumatic or frightening events in ones youth. These events can lead to emotional tension which causes muscular tension which may become chronic. This in turn causes a reduction in “perfect” blood flow to the muscles and, just as importantly, a reduction in circulation to other nearby tissues. The result is poor nerve, lymph and energy flow. Depending on what tissues are affected, a multitude of symptoms and diseases can result.

Let’s look at how emotional tension relates to the digestive tract. In a tense or uncomfortable situation have you ever heard someone say “I have a gut feeling about that?” This is because the intestinal tract is very sensitive to strong emotional feelings such as anger and anxiety.

When prolonged tension occurs several things can happen. Tension in the stomach can lead to knots; these are similar to a cramp in your leg however you feel it right away. A stomach cramp may have its roots in youth and although one may have felt its pain as a youth by the time we reach adulthood you don’t feel the pain, just the effects of the continual cramping.

There is no way to predict what part of the body’s systems will be affected. However this can easily be identified by a trained 3-DCT practitioner like the staff at 3D Chiro. The most common organs affected are the Stomach and the upper Large Bowel. These are the tube shaped hollow organs that are made of smooth muscle which lay in the upper abdomen just under the diaphragm or rib cage.

Other affects could be gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) or indigestion, which may interfere with the diaphragm’s resulting in chest breathing instead of “belly”, breathes. This in turn leads to chronic tension in the shoulders. Dr. Nuñez has found that “approximately 80% of chronic upper back and neck tension is caused from chest breathing.”

Now back to hiatal hernia syndrome. Hiatal hernia syndrome is marked by acid reflux, epigastric pain, indigestion which is also known as “the great imitator.” These symptoms mimic the symptoms associated with other heart conditions, breathing irregularities and ulcers. Every year Americans spend billions of dollars on medications to mask these symptoms. The downside to this type of treatment is you must continue taking the pills. And remember, virtually all medications have some unwanted side effects that can lead to unforeseen and worse problems. For example many people are unaware that by taking acid reducing pills makes one more susceptible to pneumonia! The bacteria that would normally be killed by the acid now thrive and eventually move into the lungs.

What a challenge! You need relief but don’t know what to do.

Thankfully, there is Dr. Nuñez and 3-Dimensional Chiropractic Technique. Dr. Nuñez has numerous success stories of patients who suffered for years with acid reflux, heart burn, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), shortness of breath, indigestion, bloating. They all got either complete relief or significant relief.

3-DCT locates the spasmed parts of the intestinal tract and applies corrective thrusts to the area over several visits. Posture correction is important and patients are taught to breathe in the belly to help them relax. Naturally any spinal problems that are associated with the organ must be corrected as well.

Patients are then taught how to “adjust” their own stomachs to help keep it relaxed or to calm it down after a stressful day of work. In this way patients become more confident in their ability to handle their symptoms and can help “Keep the Chiropractor Off Their Backs!”

Surely you know someone who is taking antacids or medications for stomach problems, has chronic upper back tension please do them a favor and pass this newsletter on to them. It may be the life raft that they have been looking for.

Sit up straight and have a great life,
Dr. Al Nuñez
For more details go to the Dr.’s Blog, Dr. Nunez Notes.

September is...

National School Backpack Awareness Day is September 16!

When was the last time you thought about your child’s backpack? The difficult question for parents is style vs. function. With regards to how much weight is too much is based on the child. The general rule is that the backpack should be no more than 10 to 20% of the child’s body weight. Is your child is bending forward sharply to counter balance the weight of the books in their backpack? A properly fitted and loaded pack should allow them to stand up fairly straight. The pack should be carried both shoulders; wide padded shoulder straps are advised, and the backpack is never to be carried on one shoulder. A great solution is using a backpack with wheels.

Although no studies have that carrying a heavy backpack causes serious effects like scoliosis, it can cause neck, shoulder and low back pain. If the pain is ongoing, even when the child is not carrying their backpack, then some type of intervention may be needed.

Most often the problem is simply lightening up the load or carrying the load on both shoulders instead of one. Keep it simple and remember that most kids will make it through without any long term problems.

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Affecting patients’ lives in such wonderful ways is the fuel that keeps us going.

Need an appointment “Right Now” perhaps Dr Tony Subia, DC. can help.

A recent graduate from Chiropractic College Dr. Subia has just completed his training with Dr. Nunez in 3-D Chiropractic™ (3-DCT) ™ treatment and is eager to work with you and his new patients.

Call today and schedule your next appointment with: Dr. Subia. (818) 247-4411

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Ortho-Nesic® Topical pain relieving gel developed for effective relief of muscle aches, strains, spasms, joint and arthritis pain including upper and lower back.

RevitaDERM Medical Strength Moisturizer Formulated for extremely dry skin, including diabetic skin conditions and dry cracked heels.

Ask for it at the front desk, get some today!

Check your e-mail for the next PPM Class
October 16th
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

43 Babies and Counting

Chiropractic Monthly--August 2010

Hello, here is our next installment of the Dr.’s Notebook. It is full of items of interest, the latest news from our offices and special offers.

3D Chiro and Dr Nunez, through the unique treatment plans available at 3D Chiro have 43 success stories of folks who had tried for months even years to get pregnant, including couples in their early 40's. Take a look at these happy families at the end of this article.

Many couples today are trying to get pregnant with great difficulty. Americans are choosing to have children later in life. In most cases I see either the husband or wife is in their thirties. Not old chronologically but biologically it’s on the cusp of antiquity. The window of opportunity is narrowed with age. The stress or worry quite frankly spoils the enjoyment of the conjugal relationship. It can actually cause physical changes in the muscles and nerves that relate to the ovaries and uterus. We’ll come back to this later.

In some cases the wife may have a history of menstrual difficulties. This whole process of baby making is a huge stress producer for or one or both of them. But this is as we all know not the only source of stress.

When couples come to see 3D Chiro for a consultation regarding infertility we evaluate the health of the mother including a physical exam and history of any past injuries, either physical or emotional. It is crucial that we evaluate the tension in the deep muscles of the abdomen and pelvis. Depending on whether an issue is revealed in the wife, an exam may need to be performed on the husband as well.

One of the most important muscles that must be considered is called the Psoas muscle which lies at the back of the abdomen and is a hip flexor. My research revealed that the Genito-femoral nerve, which innervates the ovaries and uterus, passes directly through the Psoas muscle!
The problem is that when traumatic or frightening event in your youth occur, it can lead to a tightening of this muscle that in certain cases can become chronic. This leads to a pinching or irritation of the nerve. This in turn may lead to prolonged and/or painful menstrual cycles creating an irritated or "unwelcoming" environment in the uterus. 3D Chiro’s Dr. Nunez, theorizes “patients with this condition may indeed be experiencing conception in the fallopian tubes but when the fertilized egg gets to the uterus with the "unwelcoming" environment, the egg does not implant.”

Every month that goes by without getting pregnant causes more anxiety, leading to more stress, more tension in the Psoas muscle, leading to more irritation to the Genito-femoral nerve creating a vicious cycle of disappointment and ultimately infertility.

3D Chiro’s unique treatment plan combines 3D Chiropractic™ (3-DCT)™ treatment to the spine, the Psoas muscle, and relaxation techniques to help reduce stress.

If you know of anyone having trouble getting pregnant, having menstrual difficulties or premature cessation of menstruation (spontaneous menopause occurring before age 40) please forward this article to them. Especially if the couple has been examined by traditional medical doctors and they appear to be "normal." For more details go to the Dr.’s Blog, Dr. Nunez Notes. Who knows, you may have a baby named after you when they get pregnant!
Take care of yourselves and we hope to see you in 2010.
Yours in Health,
Dr. Al Nunez

Please join Dr. Nunez and the staff at 3D Chiro in welcoming our newest associate, Dr Tony Subia, DC. A recent graduate from Chiropractic College Dr. Subia has just completed his training with Dr. Nunez in 3D Chiropractic™ (3-DCT)™ treatment and is eager to work with you and his new patients.

Don’t We Look Spiffy Now?

By now you may have noticed something is different this month. We have a "New Look” and we are so proud of our marketing team for all their hard work in designing and developing a newsletter that you will hopefully want to read. They would really like to hear your feedback on the new design so won’t you please drop them a line at

We also have great news, our practice is growing because of you and your Yelp reviews. Thanks! Keep them coming to add or update your review click on the Yelp button to the right.
Affecting patients’ lives in such wonderful ways is the fuel that keeps us going.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Secret to 3-DCT

Chiropractic Monthly-May 2010

Our newsletter, Chiropractic Monthly (as you might have guessed) is on its 2nd issue and we couldn’t be happier.

We would like to thank all of you for the wonderful reviews and comments on Yelp. Affecting patients’ lives in such wonderful ways is the fuel that keeps us going.

Many of you had asked for the link to our facebook account – if the link doesn’t work, please copy and paste the url address on your browser

In our last newsletter, we mentioned how 3-DCT had helped countless patients who had suffered from difficult and acute ailments like difficulty getting pregnant, Fibromyalgia, Hiatal Hernia, Acid Reflux. In reviewing our practice history, we’ve also had significant success in Coccygodynia (tailbone pain), facial acne, TMJ, Plantar Fascitis, Sinusitis (constant runny nose, congestion). In the coming issues, we will concentrate a great deal on many of these conditions.

So many people ask us “what is the secret to 3-DCT?” Although the actual techniques are very specific, the idea is very simple! Bones in the human body can’t move at their own will. The muscles, along with tendons, are what create motion for our bones. If muscles in our body are tight for a long time, they affect the body’s skeletal structure, joints, nerves and the function of many organs. By manipulating the muscles, we can restore the original structure and function of the body.

Welcome to 3-DCT!

We are also very excited about our upcoming special issue. During the past month, we were thrilled to make a spectacular difference in a young patient’s life. Kim, our young patient, had experienced significant trauma at a very young age. Although young, the 30 years of muscle tension had significantly impacted her health. We are happy that after intensive therapy sessions, she is feeling wonderful and she will share her story with a special issue of Chiropractic Monthly.

We would also like to remind everyone of our upcoming PPM seminar on Saturday June 26, 2010. The seminar will be at our office and seats are very limited. Please contact us at 818-247-4411 for additional information.

In the meantime, we continue to ask all of our patients to join our 3D Chiro Facebook Page and spread the word about 3-DCT with reviews on Yelp.

We wish you a happy and healthy Memorial Weekend.

The 2nd quarter of 2010

Chiropractic Monthly-April 2010

Wow… The 2nd quarter of 2010 is upon us and it seems like once again, time is just flying by. It’s been an exciting
year at 3-D Chiro – we’ve welcomed Melissa to our staff (a great addition I must say), we are moving to the new “techno-century” with our own Yelp and Facebook sites, and of course our monthly newsletter.

It seems so long ago when I started the simple idea of 3-DCT. And now, after countless patients we are moving forward stronger than ever and, providing better care for acute and chronic conditions like difficulty getting pregnant, Fibromyalgia, Hiatal Hernia, Acid Reflux and manyother complications.

The complexities of the human body never cease to amaze me – even after 28 years of practice. It’s truly remarkable how our body has the ability to store negative tension from our YOUTH that leads to the build-up of waste products in our body, which lead to many of our daily discomforts.

The purpose for developing 3-DCT has always been to analyze all the tension patterns that have developed over time, including injuries from sports, falls, accidents, and etc. with particular attention to the front of the body like the abdomen, front of the hips, facial and jaw and shoulder tensions.

3-DCT is also developed to treat the patients without the usual “twisting," “popping” or “cracking” which are the common traumatic chiropractic methods used by so many others. 

It’s truly amazing how our body has the capacity to heal itself with the use of 3-DCT muscle manipulations in as little as 4-6 weeks, or 10-14 sessions.

The personal and professional joy that we experience from patients who are relieved of severe and chronic pains in their back, neck, shoulders, and other ailments are the greatest part of our day.

With the upcoming issues of “Chiropractic Monthly”, we will share patient stories, techniques, and holistic tips for better mental and physical health for all readers.

In the meantime, we like to ask all of our patients to join our 3D Chiro Facebook page and spread the word about 3-DCT with reviews on Yelp.

We wish you a happy and healthy spring.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Old Trauma - Old Pain

23 year old patient came in complaining of bad headaches at the temples and base of their skull, left shoulder pain and tingling down the arm. Additionally the patient had chronic bad heartburn and was on prescription medication for it. Can you imagine having chronic heartburn at only 23 years old!? Upon examination and taking their history we discovered a history of a trauma that occurred when they were two years old, a severe laceration just above the eye after a fall. This required stitches at the hospital and the patient was told by their mother that they "freaked out" due to the necessity of having to hold them down while they sewed up the cut. 

The patient never put this incident together with their symptoms. Of course, those of you who are patients already know that we have found that traumatic or frightening events of youth can lead to tension in the stomach which then can lead to a "knot in the stomach" that can stay there for years. Since the stomach is right under the diaphragm it restricts its normal descent and instead of breathing from the stomach, the healthy way, they began breathing into the chest leading to chronic tension in the chest, shoulders and neck. Our treatment was first to relax the stomach, then teach the patient to practice stomach breathing a little every day.  Then we treated the patient's neck and back. Within two visits the patient's symptoms were nearly gone! 

The main point is, if your friends are having chronic pain and not getting better, they should get evaluated using the 3-dimensional chiropractic technique.  Remember, a back can never be resolved if the front of the body is tense.